Being Thankful

Life is delicious.

I’ve been away for a while! And being that it’s the day after a U.S. holiday, Thanksgiving, I’ve spent the previous day and today reflecting on those things that are meant to go in accordance with the tradition. I’m not going to go into the history of the holiday, because with history, there are always two or more sides to a story. Today, I am writing what it means to me and maybe what some of my reflections can mean to you.

Feast your eyes on this feast.

After being away from nutrition study and blogging about what’s been happening in my kitchen for a couple months, I’ve decided to use the Thanksgiving feast I created yesterday to catapult back in. Let’s face it, life sometimes gets crazy and hectic. We get swept up in the day to day, and we push through the hardships that come our way. Sometimes, we feel like we’re struggling to survive.

I didn’t want my husband capturing me without makeup, and the smile above was hiding the tears when my pastry cracked…
Life isn’t perfect. It’s beautifully, imperfectly, perfect.

Blogging takes time. And I realize, the time I put into this blog, I need it. Because this is a part of me. And this is a part of me I take joy in sharing. And whether it’s Thanksgiving, the day after, or any day we’ve been gifted, I hope we all take time for ourselves and pause to reflect. What are you thankful for? The Science of Self-Care

Conducting a cooking orchestra, painting a feasting canvas.

If you read my About page (which I know is kinda lengthy), then you’ve read that a big part of this blog is writing about what I’ve learned about food and how we fuel ourselves. Part of this life journey is navigating significant health issues, some I was born with and some that manifested during life events. Part of the About page told my story of how I discovered something pretty cool about food at a friend’s restaurant, a discovery I’m not sure was intended but one that resonated with me never the less—gratitude.

Seize the bundt cake!

In my life, which has dealt with some serious illness, there have been periods of time my health endured bouts of intense physical and mental pain. I’ve experienced weight issues. I’ve been both significantly underweight AND significantly overweight. And in both cases, I had a complicated relationship with food. When I was underweight, I was punishing myself. I couldn’t/wouldn’t eat. When I was overweight, I was eating to replace a loss I had experienced.

Without a turkey, who needs stuffing? This pastry does! Say hello to a lentil and mushroom en croute, or as my husband prefers, The Wellington.

But at a special restaurant which focuses on health for both body and planet, I fell in love with how beautiful food could be—to experience a meal that is visually beautiful, could fuel my body with what it really craves, AND taste deliciously. And if something looks pretty, smells good, and is pleasing to our taste, we pause. And in that pause, we can appreciate. The Lost Art of Patience and Eating Slow is Good for You We slow down and enjoy the good things in life.

Sautéd green beans with garlic, mushrooms, and almonds.
Mushroom gravy.
Lentil and mushroom en croute.
Sweet potatoes with butterscotch pecan drizzle.
Mashed potatoes with French style cashew cheese.
*Click for Recipes!*

A meal can be such a wonderful experience, a place to take care of your physical and spiritual needs. A meal can be a place we bond and connect with others. We normally break bread with others because that is such an important part of the human experience. For thousands of years, most people have worked hard together to feed each other and share in the bounty. The Benefit of Eating with Others

Thanksgiving done savory.

So, whatever Thanksgiving looks like to you, whether it’s the holiday or any day, whether you are sharing a meal with family, friends, or maybe you are somewhere in a place where solitude is your chapter for just a period of time, I hope it’s a day you can pause and find the things to be grateful for. Gratitude and Health

We’re still unpacking boxes in the Virginia house and packing together a life of memories while following dreams.

For my husband and I, we are grateful to have another day we can share with each other AND our four kitties. I am grateful to have family and friend-family(framily) in different parts of the country that I miss dearly. I am thankful to have a roof over my head and heat to keep us warm in the winter. I am thankful to have the food to eat and a meal I can prepare beautifully to show my appreciation and joy in creating. And I am thankful for you, dear reader, for reading along in my journey and discovery. Create for you a beautiful day that you can appreciate. Find gratitude in both the little and big things that come your way. Take joy in how you express yourself.

The four kitties: starting top-left, moving clockwise, Cricket, Wolfrik, Lunar, and Cutie. ❤️

Enjoy your art and may you live well! 💛

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